Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Human Life (Evolution)

10 minutes 41 sec

Humans dominate the planet right now. From the beginning of Apes to what we are today. This video explains that we stood on our hind feet and that is how the evolution began for humans? Chimpanzees stayed in the trees and we went on our own way. I for one have to be a bit skeptical about that theory but it could be fun to toss around. The more we used our hands the longer our thumbs grew?
I guess it may be possible, although I would think it is unlikely.
I'm not a 100% sure so I'm not going to voice it 100% yet.
Our spinal column became straighter because of walking upright and our thumbs became longer because we stayed out of the trees? Our hands changed for the better when we decided to no longer walk on all fours. Again skeptical...
99% of the same DNA as Chimpanzees? Now, I know most humans know this fact but if what they are saying is true. How could 1% be the only difference? Maybe they're overlooking something?(just a thought?) I still don't understand where we received this fountain of knowledge from.
We have been known to be wrong before so why believe so intensely that we are the most knowledgeable or intelligent of all the time? I suppose not everyone feels that way because I'm one of them.

This particular video is the first of five in the series.

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